Welcome to Xtal House
Atlanta based web development
What we do..

We are currently working on a few projets. Our website is under maintanence but feel free to see our current work and what we offer. Contact us to let us know about your web project or app and we can get started.


We create simple and cost effective websites.

Cost effective and Simple

With a staff of just two, we keep costs low. This allows everyone to get a great website.

Initial fee of just $199 will get you a website similar to this one!

Responsive Design

All of our web projects work seemlessly across all browsers and devices. This ensures all visitors will have a seemless and easy experience on your website.

Secure and Pay as you go Hosting!

We offer hosting on our servers. Setup fee of only $99 gets you a domain name and a year of hosting.


We are adding web projects as they finish.

Lulu   Coco Interiors

Multi page website

The Xtal House Team

Just the two of us.

Sam Segal

Lead Programmer

Andrew McBride

Lead Designer

We strive to create clean websites at low cost. A fully functional website is neccessary in todays market. Even for the little guy.

Contact Us

Send us a message and we can get started on your project.